Cod Loin
  • Name: Cod Loin
  • Product ID:
  • Place of Origin: Alaska
  • Process: IQF
  • MOQ: 20MT
  • Package: 1x10kg/carton
  • Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
  • Delivery Terms: Fob Dalian, CIF
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Cod Loin Raw Material


Detailed Product Description

The Atlantic cod, which can change color at certain water depths, has two distinct color phases: grey-green and reddish brown. Its average weight is 5 kg to 12 kg (10 lb to 25 lb), but specimens weighing up to 100 kg (200 lb) have been recorded. Cod feed on molluscs, crabs, starfish, worms, squid, and small fish. Some migrate south in winter to spawn. A large female lays up to five million eggs in midocean, a very small number of which survive.

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