Rock Sole Fillet
  • Name: Rock Sole Fillet
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  • Place of Origin: Alaska
  • Process: IQF
  • MOQ: 20MT
  • Package: 1x5 kg/carton; 1x10kg/carton
  • Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
  • Delivery Terms: Fob Dalian, CIF
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Rock Sole Fillet Raw Material


Detailed Product Description

Rock soles grow to approximately 60 cm and can live in excess of 20 years. In the Gulf of Alaska, the northern rock sole reaches 50% maturity at 328 mm total length at an average of 7 years.  In the Gulf of Alaska, the southern rock sole reaches 50% maturity at 347 mm total length at an average of 9 years.  Adhesive eggs are laid on the bottom and hatch in 6-25 days, depending upon temperature. The larvae develop in the upper water column consuming small zooplankton. Metamorphosis occurs at about 15 mm, and small juveniles can be very abundant in shallow, near-shore waters where they consume polychaetes and small crustaceans. Age-0 northern rock sole is the most abundant flatfish in fine-mesh trawl collections in waters off Kodiak Island (1-30 m depth), sometimes reaching densities of several per square meter. The rock soles are highly cryptic in coloration and movement, and continue to eat small invertebrates throughout their lives in the benthos.

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