Yellowfin Sole Fillet
  • Name: Yellowfin Sole Fillet
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  • Place of Origin: Alaska
  • Process: IQF
  • MOQ: 20MT
  • Package: 1x5 kg/carton; 1x10kg/carton
  • Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
  • Delivery Terms: Fob Dalian, CIF
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Yellowfin Sole Fillet Raw Material


Detailed Product Description

The yellowfin sole (Limanda aspera) is one of the most abundant flatfish species in the eastern Bering Sea and is the target of the largest flatfish fishery in the United States. They inhabit the EBS shelf and are considered one stock. Abundance in the Aleutian Islands region is negligible. Yellowfin sole are distributed in North American waters from off British Columbia, Canada, (approx. lat. 49° N) to the Chukchi Sea (about lat. 70° N) and south along the Asian coast to about lat. 35°N off the South Korean coast in the Sea of Japan.

Adults exhibit a benthic lifestyle and occupy separate winter, spawning and summertime feeding distributions on the eastern Bering Sea shelf. From over-winter grounds near the shelf margins, adults begin a migration onto the inner shelf in April or early May each year for spawning and feeding. The directed fishery typically occurs from spring through December. Yellowfin sole is managed as part of the shallow-water flatfish complex in the Gulf of Alaska.

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